Complete Herd Dispersal-Friday September 23rd 12:30PM

Complete Herd Dispersal

Friday September 23rd 12:30PM

Herd Dispersal of the Jolada Herd – Mr. Bill Ruigrok, Spencerville, ON

To be held live and online from 5120 Martineau Rd St-Hyacinthe Quebec (St-Hyacinthe Auction Barn)

Auction consists of a good purebred Holstein herd of 122 head – including 54 milking cows in all stages of lactation including 20 good 2-year-old heifers; 3 dry cows; 17 bred heifers; 18 open or short bred heifers; 14 heifers from 8-12 months; 9 3–5-month-olds; and 7 young calves. Herd includes 5 head of red cattle. Lactanet controlled herd; 3.91% butterfat; 3.2% protein; 10,116kg average; a BCA of 222-222-234 and somatic cell count average of 200,000. Herd comprised of descendants from strong bull insemination. All raised in free-stall barn.

For Information Contact

Peter Ross Auction Services Ltd

Ingleside ON  613-537-8862

Service de Vente Bermaska 2017 Inc.

Rene Houde 810-820-4013

Guy Trudeau 514-386-4894

Annie Trudeau 514-970-9534