Saturday June 15

Complete Business Liquidation Auction Sale for Pinkus Tire & Battery Kingdom Ltd.

Saturday, June 15th at 9:30AM

To be held on site at Civic #4358 Hwy. 31, Williamsburg, K0C 2H0. Watch for signs!

Forklift, Vehicles, Tractor, Garage Equip, Tools, Lg. Qty of New Inventory Including 800+ New Tires, & More!

Forklift, Vehicles, & Tractor: Caterpillar GP40 8000lb capacity propane powered forklift with pneumatic tires (duals on front, only 2515hrs, safetied summer 2018), 2013 Ford E450 16’ cube van with new engine installed in 2018 – safetied in summer 2018 – currently licenced and being used, 2007 Chev. K2500 ¾ ton 4wd with 8’ Western snow plow that has hydraulic extensions transforming plow to width of 10’, 2006 Fuso FE140 Service Truck with lift gate, Allis Chalmers 5040 2wd open station diesel tractor with front-end loader

Garage Equip. & Tools to incl: 2 – 14000lb 3 phase rotary 4 post hoists both complete with 2 rolling jacks (safetied summer 2018), Devilbis 15hp 3 phase V-twin air comp., 30gal air comp. with 13hp gas engine, 60gal air comp with 13hp Honda engine, Corghi model 650 wheel balancer (never turned a wheel), Big Red tire changer (2 years old), Corghi model A9824TI tire changer, Corghi model EM7440 wheel balancer, Century AC welder, 4 bar tire shop inflation cage, 2 bar portable inflation cage, Bartec Tech 300 tire pressure system diagnostic & reset tool (new), Bartec Tech 400 tire pressure system diagnostic & reset tool (used), Torque multiplier kit for passenger and light truck (new), Ken-Tool universal wheel/hub separator tool, OTC brake caliper tool kit, hyd. bead breaker complete with rebuilt pump (rebuilt Jan. 2019), pneumatic tire studder with stud inventory, Cheetah tire bead inflator, Bead Bazooka bead inflator, dunk tank, air hammer set, chest on chest tool box with asst. hand tools, o/a torches, sand blaster, various tire irons, bead breaker hammers, Schumacher model SE4020 200amp battery charger (new), Schumacher 200amp battery charger (used), Calcium pump, bench grinder, drill press, Hitachi 14” chop saw, 20 ton air/hyd truck jack on wheels, 3 ton floor jack, 30 ton and 20 ton bottle jack (both new), 2 – 6” vices, multiple outlet battery charging station, 2 – ½” drive torque wrenches (passenger/light truck 50-250-ft/lb), 2 – ¾” drive torque wrenches (truck tires 200-800ft/lb), ¾” drive manual torque multiplier (64X), several ½” & ¾” drive air impact wrenches, high pressure paint gun kit (new), various other elec. & air tools, several ½” and ¾” impact and 12 point sockets, ½” drive Rodac air impact (brand new in box), several chains, slings, beam clamps, load binders, steel work benches, and more.

Inventory to incl: In excess of 800 new passenger, light truck, performance, and ag. tires in various sizes, qty. of new tubes, several new ag. rims, new passenger and light truck winter rims, qty. of new lubricants incl: pprox.. 250L of 10W30 Quaker State oil (in bulk), qty. of new filters, U-joints, belts, spark plugs, bearings, and other new parts. Several good used rear tractor tires (suitable for duals), several used truck tires (suitable for gravity boxes).  

Miscellaneous Items to incl: George White 6’ 3pth snow blower, lg. qty. of warehouse racking, 3 new rolls of wire mesh, 2 long new H beams (length undetermined due to snow cover), one new piece of 6”X6” steel tubing (48’ long), 2 steel racks, combination work bench/oil storage tank with calibrated pneumatic dispenser and hose, 1100L oil storage tank with hand pump, hyd. rebar bender, lawn mower, small snow blower, Echo chainsaw, Ryobi 2 cycle weed eater with interchangeable head, extension ladder, multi-task ladder, 5 fire extinguishers (all safetied within last year), bolt bins and contents, office furnishing, many other articles too numerous to mention.


Tire Inventory-June 15th

All tires are new unless otherwise specified

Passenger Tires to Incl.: (Qty/Size & Brand)  16 P195/60R15 Cooper CS5 Grand Touring; 8 P195/60R15 Solaris AS; 16 P205/50R15 Cooper CS5 Grand Touring; 1 P205/60R14 Weathermaster S102; 1 P215/60R15 Mastercraft Strategy; 2 P215/60R15 Cooper CS5 Grand Touring; 20 P205/65R15 Cooper CS5 Grand Touring; 11 P205/6-R15 Cooper CS3 Touring; 2 P205/65R15 Sailun Ice Blazer; 2 P205/60R16 Cooper CS5 Grand Touring; 34 P195/65R15 Cooper CS5 Grand Touring; 4 P195/65R15 Bridgestone Ecopia EP422; 9 P195/65R15 Solaris AS; 13 P195/65R15 Starfire SF340; 4 P215/65R16 Cooper CS5 Grand Touring; 4 P215/65R16 Sailun Atrezzo; 1 P215/65R16 Bridgestone Blizzak; 1 P225/65R16 Solarus AS; 11 P225/65R16 Cooper CS5 Grand Touring; 4 P215/R17 Cooper CS5 Grand Touring; 8 P215/65R17 Firestone Winterforce; 7 P215/65R17 Cooper Evolution Winter; 1 P215/65R17 Cooper CS4 Touring; 12 P225/45R18 Cooper Evolution Winter; 4 P225/45R18 Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring; 3 P225/45R18 Starfire WR; 4 P245/40R18 Starfire WR; 4 P245/45R18 Weathermaster WSC; 1 P245/45R18 Cooper Zeon Sport AS; 6 P245/45R18 Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring; 2 P245/45R18 Starfire WR; 2 P215/45R17 Mirage W562 Snow; 3 P215/45R18 Zeon RS3-G1; 3 P225/45R17 Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring HR; 4 P225/45R17 Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring WR; 8 P205/50R17 Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring VR; 1 P215/50R17 Starfire RSC2.0; 8 P195/55R16 Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring VR; 4 P195/55R15 Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring VR; 4 P215/55R17 Cooper Zeon RS3-G1; 4 P205/50R16 Cooper Ultra Touring; 2 P215/40R19 Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring; 4 P215/55R16 Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring HR; 1 P235/65R16 Cooper Weathermaster ST2; 4 P235/65R16 Cooper CS5 Grand Touring; 8 P225/R60R18 Sailun Ice Blazer (Snow); 6 P225/60R17 Cooper Evolution Winter; 1 P225/60R17 Winter Claw; 3 P255/65R18 CS5 Ultra Touring HR; 2 P255/65R18 Weathermaster WSC; 8 P245/60R18 Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring HR; 1 P195/55R15 Arctic Claw; 1 P195/55R15 Sava Eskimo; 4 P185/65R14 Starfire Solarus AS; 2 P265/35R18 Cooper Zeon 2XS; 2 P255/40R18 Cooper Zeon 2XS; 1 P195/60R14 Pirelli Cinturato; 1 P195/60R14 Mirada Sport GTX; 1 P225/60R15 Cooper Cobra GT; 1 P235/70R15 Michelin XW4; 1 P245/50R16 Avenger ZHP; 1 P235/45R17 Cooper Cobra GTZ; 1 P225/60R15 Cooper Touring SLE; 1 P235/50R17 Cooper Touring SLE; 1 P235/55R17 Cooper Touring SLE; 1 P235/55R17 Cooper Touring SLE; 1 P235/50R17 Cooper Sport AS; 2 295/50R16 Cooper Cobra GT; 1 P225/55R16 Cooper CS4 Touring; 1 P215/55R16 Cooper Zeon Sport AS; 1 P225/55R16 Cooper Cobra ZHP-01; 2 P155/60R15 Bridgestone Blizzak WS60; 1 P185/60R15 Starfire SF340; 1 P215/65R15 Starfire SF340; 1 P205/70R15 Starfire SF340; 3 P185/65R15 Starfire SF340; 3 P175/70R13 Starfire SF340; 2 P255/35R18 Cooper Zeon RS3-S; 2 P285/35R19 Cooper Zeon RS3-S; 1 P215/60R16 Starfire SF340; 1 P215/60R16 Firestone Winterforce; 2 P245/35R20 Maxtrek Fortis; 2 P225/60R15 Cooper CS4 Touring; 1 P215/70R15 Cooper CS5 Grand Touring

Light Truck/SUV Tires to Incl.: (Qty/Size & Brand) 4 37/1250R17 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 8 37/1250R17 Cooper ST Maxx; 8 LT315/70R17 Cooper ST Maxx; 4 LT325/60R18 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 4 LT325/60R18 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 4 LT285/75R18 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 7 P265/70R18 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 4 LT275/70R17 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 6 LT235/85R16 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 4 LT235/85R16 Starfire SF510; 4 LT235/85R16 Cooper Discoverer M&S; 4 P225/75R16 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 4 P225/75R16 Cooper Evolution HT; 1 P225/75R16 Cooper Discoverer ATR; 8 P215/70R16 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 2 P215/70R16 Starfire SF510; 1 P215/70R16 Cooper Discoverer ATR; 1 P215/70R16 Mastercraft Corserer; 4 P265/60R18 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 7 P235/60R17 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 4 P235/65R17 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 4 P225/75R17 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 12 P225/75R17 Cooper Discoverer HT3; 4 P265/75R16 Cooper Evolution HT; 2 P265/75R16 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 8 LT265/75R16 Cooper Discoverer AT/3 LRE; 3 LT265/75R16 Starfire SF510 LRC; 2 P265/75R16Arctic Claw Winter; 1 P265/75R16 Cooper Discoverer M&S; 4 LT265/65R17 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 4 P265/65R17 Starfire SF510; 4 P245/70R16 Cooper Evolution HT; 6 LT285/70R17 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 3 P225/70R16 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 4 P225/70R16 Cooper Discoverer SRX; 4 P225/70R16 Cooper CS5 Grand Touring; 4 LT245/70R17 Cooper Discover AT/3; 4 LT245/70R17 Cooper Discover HT3; 4 LT245/70R17 Cooper Discoverer STT; 4 LT245/70R17 Starfire SF510; 4 LT275/65R18 Starfire SF510; 4 P245/75R16 Starfire SF510; 2 P245/75R16 Cooper Discoverer M&S; 1 LT245/75R16 Cooper Discoverer STT; 1 LT245/75R16 Starfire SF510; 4 LT295/55R20 Cooper Discoverer STT; 4 P245/65R17 Starfire SF510; 1 P245/65R17 Cooper Discoverer SRX; 4 P235/65R17 Starfire SF510; 2 P235/64R17 Cooper Discoverer SRX; 9 P235/65R17 Cooper CS5 Grand Touring; 2 P235/70R16 Cooper Discoverer ST; 1 P235/70R16 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 4 33/1250R17 Cooper Discoverer STT; 3 LT235/75R15 Starfire SF510LRC; 3 LT235/80R17 Starfire SF510; 5 P275/70R16 Cooper Discoverer HT; 3 P275/70R16 Cooper Sport HT; 4 P275/65R17 Cooper Discoverer HT; 6 LT215/85R16 Cooper Discoverer M&S; 5 LT215/85R16 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 4 LT215/85R16 Starfire SF510; 2 LT215/85R16 Cooper Discoverer ST; 8 LT225/75R16 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 3 LT225/75R16 Cooper Discoverer HT3; 2 LT225/75R16 Cooper Discoverer STT; 3 P255/55R18 Cooper Discoverer CTS; 8 P255/55R18 Cooper Discoverer M&S; 4 P285/60R18 Cooper Zeon LTZ; 3 P275/55R20 Cooper Discoverer SRX; 2 P255/60R19 Cooper Discoverer SRX; 4 P255/60R19 Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring HR; 2 P255/60R17 Cooper Discoverer M&S; 2 P265/70R16 Cooper Discoverer ST; 2 LT265/70R16 Cooper Discoverer AT/3 LRE; 4 P265/70R16 Cooper Discoverer SRX; 2 LT245/70R17 Firestone Winterforce LRE; 2 LT265/70R17 Cooper Discoverer HT3 LRE; 1 LT265/70R17 Cooper Discoverer ST LRE; 1 LT235/85R16 Cooper Discoverer STT; 4 P285/50R20 Cooper Discoverer HT Plus; 2 P275/45R20 Cooper Discoverer HT Plus; 2 P295/45R20 Cooper Discoverer HT Plus; 1 LT315/75R16 Cooper Discoverer AT; 2 P265/75R15 Firestone Winterforce; 2 P255/65R16 Cooper Discoverer SRX; 4 P245/60R20 Cooper Discoverer SRX; 4 P235/75R17 Cooper Discoverer SRX; 1 P255/65R17 Cooper Discoverer ATR; 1 31/1150R15 Cooper Discoverer AT; 1 P265/65R18 Cooper Discoverer AT/3; 2 30/950R15 Cooper Discoverer AT; 2 P215/75R15 Cooper Discoverer HT; 2 P245/70R15 Cooper Discoverer HT; 2 P275/60R17 Cooper Discoverer HT

Medium Truck Tires to Incl.: (Qty/Size & Brand) 1 11R225 Cooper Roadmaster Steer RM180+cm; 1 11R225 Kelly KDM1 Drive; 1 425/65R225 Kuhmo 983 20 ply; 1 385/55R225 Aeolis R225 20 ply; 5 255/70R225 Diamondback TR656 rib; 2 825R15 Aeolus HN230 rib 18 ply; 2 1000R20 Aolis HN06 Rib; 2 315/80R225 Recap Rib; 1 295/80R225 XZA2; 2 255/80R225 Michelin XZE (used 18/32nds remaining); 4 235/80R225 Michelin XRV (used 14/32nds remaining); 1 275/80R225 Michelin XZE (used 12/32nds remaining); 2 295/75R225 Recap rib; 1 315/80R225 Recap rib; Large qty medium truck casings suitable for recapping or farm wagons

Agricultural Tires to Incl.: 1 208R42 Titan AG8411; 2 420/85R34 (169R34) Petlas TA110; 2 460/85R34 (184R34) Galaxy Earthpro 850; 1 480/80R46 (184R46) Petlas TA110; 2 480/80R42 (184R42) BKT Agrimax; 1 245×32 Galaxy Agmaster 16 ply; 2 540/65R30 (169R30) Petlas TA110; 2 149R46 Firestone All Traction 23 (**** ply rating); 1 95×32 Firestone Field & Road 4 Ply; 1 460/85R30 (184R30) Mitas AC85; 1 480/70R30 (169R30) Continental AC70; 1 480/80R42 (184R42) Mitas AC85; 2 520/85R38 (208R38) Petlas AC110; 2 520/70R38 (184R38) BKT RT765; 1 136×38 Galaxy 8 Ply; 1 184×34 Petlas TA60 8 ply; 1 520/85R42 (208R42) Petlas TA110; 1 520/85R42 (208R42) BKT RT855; 2 710/70R38 Trellborg TM800; 2 300/95R46 (126R46) Petlas TA120; 1 710/70R38 Mitas AC65; 2 136×24 BKT RT171 6 ply; 1 360/70R24 (124R24) Goodyear T810; 2 320/85R28 (124R28) Galaxy Agmaster; 1 280/85R24 (112R24) Petlas TA110; 1 280/85R20 (112R20) Continental AC85; 1 800/70R38 Firestone Deep Tread 23

Industrial Tires to Incl.: 1 23/850×14 Carlisle Trac Chief 4 ply (skid steer style tread); 1 11Lx16 Armour F3 10 ply (2WD Backhoe front); 1 12×165 Primex Bossgrip 12 ply (skid steer/ front backhoe 4WD); 1 125Lx165 Galaxy Highway Rib F3 14 ply; 1 145/75×161 Titan Contractor F3; 1 155×25 Galaxy MPC 12 ply; 1 21Lx24 Industrial R4 Backhoe Rear

Implement Tires to Incl.: 1 500×15 Petlas TA60 R1 Tractor Lug 6 ply; 1 27/950×15 Carlisle Implement 6 ply (haybind tire);  1 750×16 Treadura R1 tractor tread; 1 125Lx15 Dynamo Rib Implement; 2 355/80D20 Bridgestone Pillow Dia (Kubota fitment); 2 1125×24 Firestone Rib Implement; 1 570×648 Titan Soft Trac; 1 31/1350×15 Firestone Turf & Fields 8 ply;

Lawn & Garden Tires to Incl.: 1 185/850×8 Journey Trailer Tire 6 ply; 1 15/600×6 Journey turf; 1 13/500×6 Wanda turf; 1 13/500×6 Deestone turf; 1 9/350×4 Carlisle Smooth; 3 280×4 Carlisle Sawtooth; 1 18/850×8 Journey Turf; 2 225/8×12 Towmaster Header cart tire 12 ply; 1 22/11×8 Carlisle Turf CTR; 1 24/12×2 Carlisle Turf Trac RS; 2 18/850×8 Carlisle Tractor lug; 1 23/10×10 Carlisle AT489; 1 24/950×10 Carlisle AT489

ATV Tires to Incl.: 1 25/11×10 Swamp Fox; 1 28/10×12 Dirt Devil; 1 21/8×9 Kenda; 1 22/8×9 4max; 2 27/12×12 Gator; 4 25/8×11 Titan 589MT; 2 27/9×12 Titan 589MT

Trailer Tires to Incl.: 2 ST175/80R13 Round Rider LRC

Tubes to Incl.: 2 184R42 Firestone; 2 136/149R34 Firestone; 2 208R42 Firestone; 2 28Lx26 Tru-Seal; 1 184R38 Eurotube; 1 195LR24 Eurotube; 1 149R24 Eurotube; 1 112/124R34/36 Tru-Seal; 1 149R34 Eurotube; 1 215Lx165 Tru-Seal TR218 valve; 1 750×16 Tru-Seal TR15 valve; 1 16/650/750×8 Tru-Seal TR15 valve; 1 410/350×4 Tru-Seal; 1 410/350×5 Tru-Seal; 1 8/9R225 Tru-Seal; 2 1400R20 Tru-Seal TR445 valve; 2 1000R15 Tru-Seal TR444 valve; 1 215/75R175 Tru-Seal; 2 11/450×5 Tru-Seal; 1 23/850×12 Tru-Seal; 1 1400×20 Tru-Seal TR220 valve; 3 1400×24 Tru-Seal TR220 valve; 1 22/11×10 ATV tube

Owner & Auctioneer Not Responsible For Loss Or Accident

Terms: Cash or Good Cheque with Proper ID

Prop: Pinkus Tire & Battery Kingdom Ltd.

Reason for Auction: Property sold. After a lifetime in the tire business, Mr. Pinkus is retiring.

Auction Conducted By

Peter Ross Auction Services Ltd.

Ingleside ON

613 537 8862